65776_826824320701036_3249366168745855446_nBorn in Newnan, GA in 1978 Joshua Westbrook got his musical start early in life. Growing up in a family full of musicians he learned a lot about the industry in those early days. From the age of three years old he knew exactly what he wanted to be when he grew up – a professional drummer. With the encouragement of his mother, father, and grandfather Clifford ‘Chunk’ Dingler he started playing the drums not long after he could walk. Mostly self taught, he sought off on this musical journey professionally when he was only 16 years of age. During the mid eighties and early nineties he learned all he could about different musical genres, and played it all during his daily 8 hours of practice in the basement. He finally landed a spot in a band, in 1994 and fell instantly in love with the live aspect of performing for people. The rest, as they say, is history.

Some select highlights of Joshua’s drumming career include:
-14 studio albums recorded to date
-1 studio album recorded in the legendary John Keane Studios
-brief stint with the band Lifehouse
-national and international touring experience
-national award winner of drum instruction excellence
-8 students he trained went on to major label success

Joshua currently performs on the drums, but he also excels at percussion and even has a setup to include both drums and percussion in the same outfit. He can be seen on tour performing this outfit with select bands. He credits Brian Roselworcel for the inspiration for this type of hybrid setup.

Joshua is currently endorsed by Dream cymbals and Silverfox drumsticks. Two brands he has been playing for quite some time so it just made sense to pursue an endorsement deal with companies he loved and trusted. Currently in talks with Tama drums for a possible artist relation deal. Time will tell as Tama is the only brand of drums Joshua has played for his entire music career.

Joshua is also is a clinician and teaches workshops on various aspects of drum stick grip, drum setup and repair, as well as musical business insights and tips to help his fellow musicians. He also gives back to the community by volunteering at various drum camps and school outreach programs as well as offering free repair of drums and percussion instruments to those in need. He is a major supporter of Nucis Space in Athens, GA and VH1 Save The Music foundation.

Joshua currently resides in Athens, Georgia with his two daughters. On tour with some of the top musicians, so be sure to check the tour page to see when he will be in a town near you!