Former drummer turned UGA student seeking his masters degree in Information Technology. I had to make the easy decision to leave my former part time hobby of creating music (drumming) to grow up and move on with my life. For more information on the situation that led me to leave the industry as a performer go to my blog and you should find the post there when I have time to write it. Not that anyone really cares, because I havent gotten any hits on this site since I started my drumming in 1994! So its been a long time coming. But in any case, I will keep this site up only because I like the URL and my name is hard to find in a URL thats not taken already. Honestly, thats the sole reason! I guess have a good day and maybe if you are bored read my blog. Although Ill have to be bored to write in it, and I stay busy these days doing things that are more rewarding than playing for a bunch of idiots in the basement!