Hey there. My name is Josh Westbrook. Somewhere around 2010 I was in a band that needed an album cover in the worst way possible. We looked at stock photo sites (too much money and red tape), we tried hiring a local photographer to shoot the cover (too much money, and scheduling issues). We needed a solution fast!

I have been a professional photographer since 1996, so I told the band I will shoot the cover. They agreed. I took an amazing avant garde shot of a broken christmas ornament with some strung out lights. It was an instant hit! Since then I have been shooting random things in the hopes to create album covers for bands I was in, and bands in and around my town! This website is the result and an ongoing portfolio of those images in small form.

I am offering them for sale if you are a band in need of an album cover. I will work with each band on pricing, and details. Once you purchase the image its yours forever, and no other band can use it. I will make it so its not for sale on here ever again. Each image is a one of a kind, and created with album covers in mind (text areas, minimal design). Please note, I don’t usually add text (band name, album name, etc) to the image. However, if you need that service I can do it for a minimal fee on top of the sale price of the artwork.

Thanks for looking and if you have any questions or want to purchase one simply shoot me an email on the contact me page and I will be in touch within a few hours.