IMG_7004-2581026040-OHello and welcome to my humble little website. If you are here you might, or might not know that I am a professional musician. A drummer to be exact. I have been in the industry since the year 2000, and I enjoy every minute of it. Although, these days the gigs have slowed down a bit, I am still out there playing and making music with the best of them. I thought I would put this little page together to showcase some of my past experiences and tours for anyone seeking a drummer or looking for information.

I started playing drums at the age of four years old in 1982. I grew up on the classics, such as the Rolling Stones, Beatles, and Ozzy Osbourne. I also was lucky enough to experience jazz at a young age as well as R&B. When I got older, I combined all of these genres in my playing and developed a unique sound that people have come to enjoy.

My first show was in August of 2000 at Borders Book Store in Longmont, CO with the band MSB. It was fantastic and it was where the music bug really bit me hard. From then on, its been an amazing experience. I have met some fantastic people, in and out of the music industry. I am truly lucky to have experienced all that I have.

I have been on numerous tours, regionally throughout the USA. It seems every year, since the year 2000 I have been on extensive summer festival tours, and the like. Its been great! As of late 2017, I have lost count of the amount of live performances but someone informed me it was around 3,000.

Sometime in 2014, I tinkered around with adding acoustic drums with percussion instruments in a hybrid type setup. It combines the best of both worlds. I got quite a bit of bands interested in my services and recorded one album with this hybrid kit. I also went on a summer tour with it and it was a delight to the music fans.

I have also been very fortunate to have recorded drums for some of the biggest bands in the southeast and western united states. My discography can be found in the blog section of this website but I have 25 studio albums to my credit on the drums. I have 1 album to my credit playing percussion. I am honored bands chose me to perform on their albums. Its a highlight of my career.

In late 2015, I was approached by the cymbal company, Dream for an artist endorsement deal. And to this day, I am still a Dream Cymbals artist. I will link to my page on their website in the blog so you can see it. Its been amazing being a part of a great company. I am also endorsed by Silverfox drumsticks, and Remo drum heads. Endorsements are wonderful because it shows me a company believes in my work and I am proud to return the favor. I will never endorse a product I don’t use.

I am also affiliated with BMI and I am a proud BMI artist. Since 2010.

This all leads us to today. I can be found in and around Athens, GA on various stages with various bands. I am available for session work, or live performance if any band out there needs a drummer for their project.

I also dabble in photography, and trying to get an album art photography business started from the ground up right here on this website. So stay tuned for more!

Thanks again for the visit today, and keep on drummin!